Lessons On Leadership: Dr. Hamid Haqparwar, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East

"The biggest lesson I've learnt is, easily, the importance of staying calm as a leader."

Growing a Business

This Nurse Turned $500 in Savings Into $100 Million in Sales After Sharing Her Hair Care Routine on YouTube. Now She's Revealing Her Secrets to Success.

Courtney Adeleye sold $10 million worth of products out of her home within three years of launch.


4 Personal Branding Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Taylor Swift

Amid the frenzy of Taylor Swift's record-breaking Eras tour, the author embarks on a quest to secure highly coveted tickets for her daughter. Through the emotion-charged experience, she distills key insights into the world of personal branding, drawing lessons from Swift's authenticity, adaptability, engagement, and social advocacy that are invaluable for shaping a strong leadership brand.


'Formula 1 on Water': How SailGP Is Making Big Waves in the Racing World

SailGP's Chief Content Officer Melissa Lawton explains how the elite boat racing league is growing its global audience of adrenaline junkies.

Starting a Business

Teach me Like I'm 5 with Drew Brees

In this episode of Teach Me Like I'm Five, host Jeff Fenster and guest Drew Brees discuss the importance of curiosity and entrepreneurship.


Making 'Satvic' relevant for today's Gen Z

Both Subah and Harshvardhan are now on a mission to make the ancient practice of 'Satvic' relevant for today's Gen Z through their Satvic Movement. They share this ancient practice in modern implementable terms. Majorly online, the movement's biggest community base is India.


EDDY Pump Corporation: A Journey Of Innovation & Growth

Explore EDDY Pump Corporation's journey of innovation, patented technology and strategic partnerships leading to global recognition. CEO Ben Weinrib shares insights into challenges and lessons learned


Follow The Leader: Dena Almansoori, Founder And CEO, Whitebox HR, And Group Chief Human Resources Officer, e&

As the first female C-suite executive at e&, and one of the youngest in its history, Almansoori was given the mandate to transform the enterprise.

Making a Change

You Sold Your Business. Now What? Embracing a New Chapter with Care and Purpose

Selling your business is a significant milestone, signifying the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. As you embark on this new journey, here are some tips to approach it.

Starting a Business

How a Movie Stuntman Became a Real-Life Ninja

On this episode of "Get a Real Job," former stuntman Kevin Cassidy discusses his second act as an owner of Ninja Nation.

Starting a Business

How Incubus Guitarist Mike Einziger and Violinist Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger Are Rocking the Skincare Industry

The power music couple breaks down the launch and exponential growth of their revolutionary skincare company Mother Science.

Business News

Mark Cuban Says This Is the One Thing That Sets Him Apart From Other Entrepreneurs—And How You Can Mimic His Success

On LinkedIn's "The Path" podcast, billionaire Mark Cuban told entrepreneurs his keys to success and why they are a better measure of success than money.

Making a Change

From Frustrated to Fulfilled: Craig Siegel Shares the Reinvention Formula

Remove self-limiting beliefs and unlock a bulletproof mindset


Ones To Watch: Eight Women With Middle Eastern Roots Making Waves In Silicon Valley

Only a third of the workforce at the largest tech companies are women. But despite the odds, these remarkable women with roots in the Middle East are making their impact on Silicon Valley.