Paul Rubenstein

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® VIP
Chief People Officer at Visier

Paul Rubenstein is the chief people officer at Visier.


Business Process

This Department Might Be Holding Your Business Back. Here's How to Change That.

Human resources has become too often disconnected from the bottom line. Here's how to deftly integrate the two to address 21st-century challenges.

Growing a Business

Why You Need to Look at HR Data the Way You Look at Your Finances

People are a company's greatest asset, and it's time for HR departments to follow finance's lead in sharing key information with owners/managers.

Growing a Business

5 Worst Gen Z Myths Debunked

Here's the hard data on what younger members of the workforce are really looking for in a career.


Did Your Employee Ghost You? Here's Why.

New data shows the bad dating behavior has spilled over to our professional lives. Here's why our hiring conventions are partly to blame.


¿Su empleado lo fantasma? Este es el por qué.

Nuevos datos muestran que el mal comportamiento en las citas se ha extendido a nuestra vida profesional. He aquí por qué nuestras convenciones de contratación son en parte culpables.


Want Your Employees To Stay? Be Accountable To Your DEI Goals

Workers want more than just a paycheck, they want purpose and belonging. Employers can weather this wave of resignations by creating an environment of belonging.

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